Monday, December 12, 2011

Administrator account

The Administrator account is at the center of PASconcept functions. An Administrator is able to assign accounts to Employees, Clients and Subconsultants. The account gives the ability to centralize and control all of the main features of the application. Administrators can be several within one company, and all of them share the same access privileges to the company’s data.

The Administrator account is project-centric. With the PASconcept account alone, an Administrator can generate and manage jobs, proposals, invoices, subcontracts, client and employee databases. The data is listed in a table-like format which displays the most relevant details explaining each item. Labeling codes are also available, to expedite record-keeping and searching. Organization total management is the outcome of using PASconcept.

Main Account Features:
  • Fee proposal generation and electronic delivery to the client’s email address and PASconcept account, or exportation to PDF format for hard-copy printing needed in mail or facsimile transmissions
  • Automatically reflects updated proposal status if the Client accepts or declines it through the PASconcept account
  • Automatically creates a new job from a proposal that has been accepted, and inserts it in the jobs list
  • Data shown in lists include: names, numbers and codes for clients, jobs, proposals, invoices, fees contracted, collected and outstanding per job, related subcontracts, employees assigned to projects, and more.
  • Generation of multiple invoices within each job, and electronic delivery to the client’s email address and PASconcept account, or exportation to PDF format for hard-copy printing needed in mail or facsimile transmissions. PASconcept is also able to keep record of the times an invoice has been emitted to the client.
  • Electronic generation and delivery of Request for Proposals to the Subconsultants, where the scope of work to be subcontracted is described in detail
  • The subsequent selection of a successful subconsultant automatically updates project budgetary and descriptive information in the Administrator’s account
  • Supervision of staff timesheets as entered through the Employee Accounts
  • Editable templates for emails sent through PASconcept containing the proposals and invoices attached
  • All pages are prepared with filtering options, and main tables can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel, and CSV documents


  1. So, does this mean that PASconcept would allow users of the Administrator account to exchange information VIA THE APPLICATION ITSELF with third parties involved in a project? How would that work, via email...?

  2. Yes, via the application; and no, not via email.
    “Administrators” can assign accounts to as many third parties as they want: employees, clients and subconsultants. Through PASconcept the Administrator can make available price proposals to the clients and receive their feedback, gather project-specific timesheets from the employees, and issue requests for proposals to prospective subconsultants and gather their responses, among many other uses. But again, this is not done via email, but within PASconcept itself, where everyone is connected through personal accounts that display the information in a browser-like manner.
    However, a messaging system is also in place to keep everyone posted as events unfold. For instance, if a client accepts a price proposal using the tools in his PASconcept account, both the Administrator and the client will receive notifications of this in their PASconcept messages page, and the former will receive an additional notification in his/her personal email account.