Wednesday, August 12, 2015


PASconcept is a web application that covers all the administration process of one or more projects, mainly for architecture and engineering (A/E) companies at the design phase.

First, it is important to consider the way most companies currently manage their projects and how this affects time consumption, organization, clients and budgets control.

For instance, the administration flow during a specific project phase, for a company that is currently developing its administrative management using different programs or software, generates dispersed documentation and questionable safety.

Various tools and methods must be used in order to manage a business efficiently. Because many programs are required in order to perform many functions, disorganization is often a problem.

Why are projects managed this way?

The programs that could help an A/E company are not specifically designed for them and they not cover the administrative process of an entire project. That is why every company has developed its own way to manage the company.

Precisely the need to fully cover the project administration process, is why the idea to develop PASconcept originated. A new concept to provide a comprehensive project management service was the result.

The PASconcept team, composed of engineers, architects, programmers and designers has, since 2007, developed and refined Project Management Services (PAS), and has built many tools to help in the administrative processes, within a single program. PASconcept resulted essential in the companies where it has been implemented.

Administrative Project Management

An administrator interacts with clients, subconsultants and employees in the phase prior to project star. Proposals are submitted to clients, requests are made to subconsultants and communication remains constant with employees.

Jobs, contacts, payment schedules, proposals and budgets, are all managed within a single place. PASconcept offers hundreds of benefits and makes managing a company simple.

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