Monday, January 16, 2012

Client Account

This account offers the Client the possibility to view all of his or her fee proposals, active jobs, and invoices associated with the Administrator’s company in one place. The Administrator has the option to send PASconcept login details to the Client at any time, once he or she has been entered in the Administrator’s clients list.

Main Account Features:

  • Automatic notifications when there is a new fee proposal, invoice emission, new job created, and changes in a proposal. Notifications are received by both the Client and the Administrator
  • Changes in the Client account automatically update the information in all accounts involved 

  • Access to PDF copies of fee proposals forwarded by Administrators, which can be accepted or declined using tools provided within the account
  • Administrators will be notified of the actions taken by the Client regarding a proposal, and their accounts will be updated to reflect any changes in proposal status
  • Access to a list of active jobs with the Administrator’s company, displaying information about fees contracted, paid and outstanding, as well as hyperlinks to sites related to the project
  • Access to a list of invoices, where they can be viewed and printed, and details of the invoice are displayed


  1. What do you mean by "tools" provided to accept proposals?

    1. To accept a proposal the Client has the option to navigate onto a page where he or she is given the choice to accept or decline the proposal by simply clicking buttons. Whichever action is chosen, it will reflect on the status of the proposal, showing it as "Accepted" or "Declined", and an automatic notification will be forwarded to the Administrator, advising of the new proposal status.

  2. What if my clients don't check their account soon after I send the proposal? it will go amiss...

    1. Not really. All price proposals are sent automatically to both the Client's email address and his or her PASconcept account. Even if the account is not checked for a while, the PDF copy will arrive and be available via email immediately.