PASconcept has developed over several years, keeping in pace with the needs of A/E firms. It is a web application originally devised by professional engineers who needed a centralized platform that would allow them to easily manage the entire flowchart of a project in their daily business operations, and that could be accessed from work, home or anywhere via internet connection.

PASconcept offers, in a simple, straightforward manner, solutions that cover each step of the way: fee proposals, project opening and closing, timesheet, and billing, to name only a few. It also provides interaction with subconsultants, clients and employees, allowing business data to be automatically updated as each party involved enters information in their respective accounts.

Contrasting with the need to utilize several softwares or applications that specialize in only one or a few functions each, and that offer a daunting number of tools that often go partly unnoticed by the user; PASconcept provides a comfortable easy-to-use alternative that integrates the essential managing options of all main business processes.

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