Saturday, January 25, 2014


Activities are entries in PASconcept Calendar, and they are divided into:

·         Appointments
·         Meetings
·         Site Visits
·         Job Delivery Deadlines

Email Records

This page contains copies of the messages received by the Employee via email, either directly from the Administrator or as an automatic notification from PASconceptMessagesand notifications include:
-Automatic notification of job assigned by the Administrator
-Automatic notification of budget consumption in assigned jobs
-Receipt of PASconcept account credentials from the Administrator
-Notification of invoice or hours “ready to bill” from the Employee to the Administrator 

The information about each message, as displayed on the page’s table contains:
-Date Received

The contents of each message are displayed in its entirety on that same page, within the list of messages, when clicking the “Open” option. To look for a specific message within the list, the page is furnished with an all-purpose search field.


PASconcept Calendar

The PASconcept Calendar allows users to assign tasks associating them with Jobs, Clients, etc.

The specific functions are:

-Name the activity
-Assign a time period for the activity
-Create reminders
-Classify the type of activity
-Assign the activity to one or more users
-Associate an activity to a Client
-Associate an activity to a Job
-Describe the activity
-Set recurrent activity

The PASconcept Calendar appearance can be modified to be shown by day, month or week. The panel filter can simplify the events associated with Activities, Clients, Users or Jobs.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Others: Messages Templates

In this page the Administrator can edit the text of the message templates which are sent via email to Clients and Subconsultants, when the Administrator uses the option to send invoices, proposals, billing statements, among others, via PASconcept. This option is available in all major pages of the application: Proposals List, Invoices List, Statements List, and Requests for Proposals List; and the text contained in each default email draft available to send information through those pages, can be edited in the “Messages Templates” page.
The list of templates includes:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Other: Miscellaneous Time Codes

Being primarily for Architects and Engineers, the majority of hours entered in PASconcept’s timesheets are spent working in projects. For this type of entry, the main identifiers are job number and name. However, there are non-project tasks that cannot be allocated as time expenditure to any project. Some categories in this group can be: holidays, administrative tasks, vacations, marketing tasks, etc.

The “Miscellaneous Time Page” allows the Administrator to create or delete non-project time categories, so that they are available for Employees to fill in their timesheets more accurately. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Others: PASconcept History Log

In this page the Administrator can view a history of the actions in PASconcept by all users incorporated by the Company: Administrators, Employees, Clients, and Subconsultants. The data displayed for each entry includes:
-User Name (email)
-System Actions (description of the action: login, send an invoice, new timesheet entry, etc)
-Date and Time
-Notes (notes entered in new timesheet entries, number of invoice sent, number of proposal sent, etc)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Others: Messages

This inbox-like page is where the Administrators can access the following messages:

-Copies of the automatic notifications sent by PASconcept to the Company’s Administrators, Clients, Employees and Subconsultants
-Copies of the messages sent by the Administrator to Clients and Subconsultants through PASconcept, such as those generated when sending invoices and fee proposals. Such messages are sent to those users’ email addresses, and copies are saved in the message page of their PASconcept accounts.