Friday, March 27, 2015


Analytical page shows graphs of Proposla vs Jobs, Bill vs Colleted, %Budget by Sector, %Jobs By Use, %Clients by Type y %Clients by Status

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PASconcept Calendar

The PASconcept Calendar allows users to assign tasks associating them with Jobs, Clients, etc.

The specific functions are:

-Name the activity
-Assign a time period for the activity
-Create reminders
-Classify the type of activity
-Assign the activity to one or more users
-Associate an activity to a Client
-Associate an activity to a Job
-Describe the activity
-Set recurrent activity

The PASconcept Calendar appearance can be modified to be shown by day, month or week. The panel filter can simplify the events associated with Activities, Clients, Users or Jobs.

The Calendar can be customized for Days, Weeks, Months, Timeline, Multi-day, Agenda.

example:   Month View

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Data Processing

Information processing tool to help define Budget and Days of a new project.

It is available from New Proposal, Job Edit and Proposal Edit

From the filters in projects depending on their type and classification, we obtain results Minimum, Average and Maximum Values, which allow us to limit our budget and define the risk we take when we exceed these limits, based on all historical data accumulated.

Project Map

Geographical Representation Project (Jobs) on a map, with position information and data specific to each project. The projects represent can be selected by time period and type. You can select Satellite or Map View.

For projects to be represented in this view, is necessary to complete Latitude and Longitude on page Jobs/Project Classification