Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Information Exchange Within PASconcept

Administrators can assign accounts to as many employees, clients and subconsultants as necessary. Through PASconcept, administrators can make price proposals to the clients and receive their feedback, gather project-specific time sheets from the employees, and issue requests for proposals to prospective subconsultants. This is not done via email, but within PASconcept itself, where everyone is connected through personal accounts that display the information in a browser-like manner.

However, a messaging system is also in place to keep everyone updated immediately, as opposed to only receiving notifications when they log in to PASconcept. For instance, if a client accepts a price proposal using the tools in his PASconcept account, both the administrator and the client will receive notifications of this in their PASconcept messages page. Clients will receive an additional notification in his/her personal email account.

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