Monday, July 23, 2012

Subconsultants/Subconsultants List

Similar to the “Clients List”, the “Subconsultants List” page gathers detailed information about each subconsultant and it is where administrators to create, edit or delete subconsultant contacts.

This page generates a list that provides some of the mandatory information necessary to create a new request for proposals (RFPs), and serves as a filtering option to refine results shown in the “Requests for Proposal List” and “RFP Responses List” pages.

The table in this page displays the following information about each subconsultant:

-Code (alphanumeric identifier)
-Cell Phone
-Login Details

The hyperlink within the “Login Details” is the tool for the administrators to send PASconcept account credentials to the subconsultants via email with a single click. With access to their PASconcept accounts, subconsultants can view and respond to RFPs from the administrator and save valuable information that makes the RFP response process quick and easy.

The “Subconsultants List” page is also furnished with an all-purpose search field to summon specific results in the table.

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