Monday, August 6, 2012

Other/Company Profile

This page is dedicated to important information about the administrator’s company account with PASconcept. The data gathered in this page determines some the automatic information that appears in documents generated by the administrators.

The information includes:

Company information:
-Company ID (automatically assigned by PASconcept)
-Company Name
-Company Type
-Representative (person that signs PASconcept-generated documents)
-Address Line 1
-Address Line 2
-Telephone (company’s or a designated representative’s)
-Cell Phone (company’s or a designated representative’s)
-Facsimile (company’s or a designated representative’s)

Email notification setup:
-Administrator email 
-SMTP Server 
-Email Signature (authorized representative’s name)
-Notification Cc. email (authorized copy)
-Notification Bcc. email

Notifications messages are sent out for:
-Job profit
-Invoice emitted
-Invoice collected


click here for more info Email SMTP Outgoing Schedule

Letterhead and Signature Pictures for Company Identity 
Picture quality recommended for company letter head: 1700 x 225 pixels, 200 dpi resolution equivalent to 8,5" x 1,5"

Example :

This page allows administrators to save the firm’s corporate image pictures, such as the logo, letterhead and authorized representative’s signature, all of which are automatically inserted into documents such as fee proposals, invoices, billing statements, and requests for proposals.

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