Monday, September 3, 2012

Others/Messages Templates

When the administrator uses the option to send invoices, proposals, or billing statements via PASconcept, the administrator can edit the text of the message templates which are sent via email to clients and subconsultants. This option is available in all major pages of the application: Proposals List, Invoices List, Statements List, and Requests for Proposals List. The text contained in each default email draft available to send information through those pages, can be edited in the “Messages Templates” page.

The list of templates includes:

-Notification email about a new fee proposal (attached as a PDF document)
-Notification email about a pending invoice (attached as a PDF document)
-Notification email about a pending billing statement (attached as a PDF document)
-Notification email about an invoice that is ready for billing
-Notification email about a request for proposal

Others/Messages Templates List
Administrators can edit and customize these templates accordingly

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