Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Includes: employee classifications and in depth analysis in order to define monthly charts, filters and balances for each department.

Department List

Add New/Edit/Delete Departments by Name, Description and if or not “Productive”

Monthly Budget 

Definition of Monthly Budget for each “Productive” Department
“Initialize Budgets” is the budget estimated for the current year based on the executed previous year with an “Increase” value

Organizations Chart

Organization chart of the departments of the company 
The "Private/Public" button hides or shows production information for each specified department. The button “Vertical/Horizontal” organizes the chart in one direction or another.


Monthly balance of productive departments 
Shown for each month of the selected year. Also shows the Budget, the Executed and Balance.

Monthly Chart

Comparative monthly and yearly graphs of Budget/Executed and Balance for each department. 


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