Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Clients/Client List

The client list has a filter panel for search and selection.

It displays the following information:

Name & Company: client’s full name, code and name of the company
Client Type: client type depends on their occupation (Engineer, Contractor, Architect, etc.)
Address: client’s address and a link to Google Maps

A click on the address

automatically opens Google Maps.

Email & Web: client’s email address and web page.
Login Details: used to send the client their PASconcept credentials

Client Status: whether their active, inactive, potential or prospective client

Delete: deletes the client and the user, deleting is irreversible

Edit: clicking on the "Client Code" enables you to edit the client information

The tabs "Client Details," "History," "Client Scheduler" and "Appointment History Log" are shown when editing.

The "Client Details" tab shows all the fields grouped by "Client Information," "Billing Contact" and "Notification".

The "Notification" fields allows administrators to configure if and how the client receives notifications issued by PASconcept. Each client can configure these parameters in their own profile as well.

The "Update" button confirms the changes. The "Cancel" button aborts the changes.
The "History" tab shows all the jobs and proposals existing under that client.

The "Client Schedule" tab shows the schedules planned with the client.

The “Appointments” tab shows, in a table, a history of appointments made with the client.

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