Friday, January 27, 2012

Subconsultant Account

Architectural and engineering projects are multidisciplinary. Thus, the Subconsultant account is provided to allow Administrators to communicate with prospective bidders interested in performing a portion of the project. As with the Employee and Client accounts, each Subconsultant can be granted access to a personal PASconcept account by the Administrator seeking out bids. The administrator is therefore able to organize the information on their Subconsultants as well as facilitate communication with them.

Main Account Features:
  • Receipt of messages with notifications; the same notification will be received by both the Subconsultant and the Administrator
  • Access to view and print a copy of Request for Proposals forwarded by Administrators, where the scope of work to be subcontracted is described in detail
  • Access to account tools that allow the Subconsultant to respond to Request for Proposals, from within PASconcept
  • The Subconsultant will be able to specify price of services, insert the list of tasks, insert Terms and Conditions, and edit other details of their response from the PASconcept account
  • Changes within the Subconsultant account will automatically update the information shown in all accounts involved
  • Opportunity to create and save a personal list of detailed tasks within the PASconcept account; tasks can be selected and inserted in each Request for Proposal
  • For Subconsultants that also have an account with PASconcept as Administrators: when awarded the project they bid for, a hyperlink will allow them to connect the page listing the Request for Proposals in their Subconsultant accounts, with the page in their Administrator accounts that contains the details of the job generated by the award

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