Monday, March 19, 2012

Step by step/Fee Proposals

PASconcept allows its administrators to create and forward fee proposals to existing and prospective clients.

The first step to create a fee proposal requires that the administrator name the proposal and choose a proposal template. The latter will be usually determined by the type of project covered in the proposal.

The next step will take the administrator to a different page, where the rest of the proposal details may be edited. Note: because a proposal template was chosen, several default texts will be present in order to expedite the process, although case-by-case editing will be always available.Only the proposal number will be automatically generated by PASconcept and will not be changeable.

Proposal details include:     

- Status
- Date created
- Client
- Miscellaneous texts
- Project type
- Project name
- Project location
- Project area
- Scope of work
- Payment schedules
- Terms and conditions of the prospective contract

A noteworthy feature of PASconcept proposals is that they contain the proposed contract. Acceptance of the fee proposal by the client indicates the client’s agreement to the Terms and Conditions contained in the final portion of the proposal. It also results in a Professional Services Agreement between the administrator and the client. Several editable text boxes are available to administrators where each section and step of the proposal may be adequately explained to the client.

The above feature simplifies the process for administrators and clients, as it avoids contractual deadlocks and loss of time. It also allows the client to know beforehand the contractual essentials to which the quoted fee will be bound.

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