Monday, April 16, 2012

Proposals/Proposal List/Edit Proposal

When editing a proposal, you can insert the proposal information and details of the contract that will result when your client accepts a proposal. Creating or deleting new and existing proposals can be done through the “Edit Proposal” page. Access it by first clicking “Proposals List.”

Each proposal features the following sections and fields which can be changed in the “Edit Proposal” page:

General Details
-Proposal Number
-Proposal template
-Date Created
-Assign to Job
-Client Name (can be selected from a drop down list)
-Status (whether it has been sent to, or accepted already by the client, etc.)
-Introductory Text (may be used to explain the proposal’s contents, provide directions to the client, etc.)

Project Information
-Job Type
-Owner name
-Location (address)
-Use & Occupancy

Tasks Compensation
-Select New Task (from a drop down list)
-Edit Task
-Delete Task

Payment Schedules
-Select Other Payment Schedule (...) and Generate
-Amount Due (at each contract phase)
-Billing Phase Definition/Explanation

Contract Terms
-Select Contract Terms Template (from a drop down list)

By clicking “Update Proposal”, the user can save all changes made in the proposal.

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