Monday, April 9, 2012

Proposal/Proposals List

Fee proposals created by the administrator are listed on the “Proposals List” page, in a table made to show several of the most outstanding features that classify a proposal. It also provides the main tools to manage proposals. Among others, this page offers a quick visual assessment of proposal-related information, with the possibility to find a specific proposal using several search filters. 

Each row on the list displays the following about the proposal:

- Proposal number (you can edit)
- Proposal template
- Proposal amount
- Date created
- Project name
- Client name
- Job no.
- Status
- Email print
- Share
- Delete

The organization of the rows will depend on the proposal number column by default. The proposal number is generated by PASconcept automatically, and it reflects the chronology of proposals created. Proposals are displayed starting with the latest at the top, down to the earliest. However, the rows may be re-organized in accordance with proposal classifications such as name and template, by clicking on the respective column header. Depending on the columns' contents, re-organization will be alphabetical or numerical, and its order will be reversed every time the header is clicked again.

The proposal number in this page provides the hyperlink that allows the administrator to view and edit a proposal. By clicking on the proposal number, the user is redirected to the “Edit Proposal” page, which shows all of the proposal’s details and allows for their modification.

The “Proposals List” page also provides the option to send the proposal to the Client, add a new proposal to the list, view the location of a proposal’s project on the map, or delete an existing proposal.

The “Proposals List” page is the main place to search for, view, modify and send proposals, as well as gather quick information about one or several of them.

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