Monday, April 30, 2012

Jobs/Jobs List

The “Jobs List” page is also the Home page of the Administrator’s PASconcept account. It is an essential page of the application, designed to provide comprehensive general information about projects, including financial contract details. The table in the “Jobs List” page contains the following information:

-Job number
-Job name
-Job type
-Client (code)
-Date opened
-Budget (contract amount)
-Amount collected (of the contract’s total)
-Amount pending (of the contract’s total)
-Budget used (amount of contract money spent)
-Budget used (percentage of contract money spent)
-Subcontract (in terms of amount of money subcontracted)
-Employee (assigned to the project)

"Budget Used" data are specifically affected only by the employees' time sheet entries for each project. Budget used will increase in accordance with both the number of hours employees spend on the project and the hourly multiplier established by the Administrator for each employee.
“Amount Pending” depends on the amount of money totaled by the invoices not yet marked as collected in a job. It indicates the difference between the contract’s total amount and the amount in already collected invoices.
Administrator for each employee.

The “Jobs List” page has several search filters that can be combined as desired:

-Job number
-Job name
-Job status (whether it’s active or inactive)
-Date (by year and month)
-Job type
-Client name

-Client organization

Useful navigation features are found throughout the site.

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