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Job/New Job/Edit Job

A new job is generated automatically when a proposal is accepted by the client using his PASconcept account, or when the administrator creates it manually.

The details of the jobs can be specified by:

-Date Opened
-Assigned Employee

The new jobs created automatically from accepted proposals import part of the information from the proposal, such as: Name, Client, Date Opened and Contract Amount (budget). The rest can be specified by the administrator.

The job number format is: YY – job number. For example, job number 23 for year 2015 will appear as 15 – 023. The first two digits indicate the year, and cannot be edited, unlike the last three for the number of projects in a year. If no change is entered, PASconcept will set the job numbers automatically consecutive.

The job type is a code which relates with the scope of work of the project and is selected from a pre-existing list. For example, minor additions in residential homes may have their own general code, even if there are slight differences in scope of work from project to project. This information is useful to draw statistical conclusions about frequency of a project type, pricing history and search criterion. Job types are separately defined by the administrators at their convenience.

The invoices, subcontracts, hyperlinks and notes are allocated a separate section each within the job's page, and thus they are described in more detail than the rest of the fields.

The inactivation field is a check box that allows the administrator to identify a job as “Inactive”. Inactivation depends on the administrators’ criteria. For example, a completed job that has been fully paid can be qualified for inactivation. Inactive jobs are excluded from the defaults lists in PASconcept’s main pages, but they may be summoned by using search filters.

The Invoices section within the job’s page plays a key role in the management of billing, as it is the place to create or delete the job’s invoices, save collection notes for each invoice, mark the invoice as collected, among other options. The contents of this table affect the information shown across several pages of the administrator, employee and client accounts. The list of actions and details available through the Invoices section is as follows:

-Generation of new invoices
-Invoice Number
-Invoice Type
-Date Created
-Invoice Amount (editable)
-Invoice Description (editable)
-Mark invoice as collected (editable)
-Collection Date (editable)
-Collection Notes (editable)
-Number of emissions to the Client
-Send invoice via email
-Print to PDF
-Billing Contact Information

Subcontracts Section

The Subcontracts section within the Job’s Details page displays the subcontracts approved by the administrator through a previous Request for Proposals process, which is initiated in order to obtain bids whenever it is necessary to outsource a portion of the work. Unlike the Invoices section, the Subcontracts section draws information from the results of processes occurring throughout PASconcept. The details displayed about each approved Subcontract are:

-RFP Number
-Date Created
-Mark as paid (editable)
-Notes (editable)

Some items are editable in this page. This section is more of a guide for administrators to oversee its obligations with sub-consultants in a job-specific basis, and to cross-reference the subcontract information with other details of the job.

Hyperlinks Section

The Hyperlinks section is furnished to save FTP, permitting process status and other useful online addresses related to the job. The hyperlinks are available for editing only in this page, and each of them can be assigned a description of its contents and purpose.

Notes Section

This section serves to record all desired comments, information and notices about the job. It provides an option to centrally save day-to-day details that are useful and necessary for future reference. Each note has the date when it was created.

Add New Job

Edit Job Page

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