Thursday, May 31, 2012

Billing/Invoices List

The “Invoices List” page gathers all of the invoices created within the jobs. In this page, administrators can view invoices classified by collection status (emitted to the client, collected, not collected, etc.) as well as look for billing-related information and draw statistical conclusions from specific lists of data.

To aid the collection process, each invoice in this page displays the “Billing Contact” information. The administrator, after having filtered the list of uncollected invoices, can then easily contact the people with unpaid invoices in a systematic and organized manner.

The table in this page has the following information:
-Invoice Number
-Job Name
-Client Code
-Date Created (invoice)
-Project Budget
-Invoice Amount
-Amount Due
-Invoices Description
-Send via Email
-Print to PDF
-Number of Emissions (to the Client)
-Billing Contact Information (name, telephone, email)

Some of the page’s highlights:

-Job Number link: leads to the job details
-Invoice Number link: opens the page where the invoice can be viewed and printed to Adobe PDF. These features are also available in the Send/Print column, plus the option to forward the invoice via email.
-Invoice Description: displays the description entered for the invoice when it was created, useful when determining if the invoice is due for billing.

These tools make searching and finding a specified invoice a quick and easy process. The data is also used for visually analyzing billing and collection trends. Searches can be filtered by invoice number, client name, date the invoice was created, invoice (collection) status (not collected, not emitted, etc.), job status (active, inactive, etc.), invoice description, job name, and job number.

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