Monday, June 4, 2012

Billing/Statements List

With PASconcept, invoices can be generated, edited and sent to clients quickly and easily. Multiple invoices can be sent to a client for multiple projects without a hassle.

Statements can be created, listed and modified in a single page and then sent off as an email, printed in PDF format, saved or deleted.

Each Statement contains:

-Statement number (automatically assigned by PASconcept)
-Date created
-Client name
-Statement amount (automatically calculated)

Once the client has been selected, a list of all jobs pertaining to that client will be available and the uncollected invoices will be available for insertion in the statement. Once the statement is created, the client name cannot be modified.

By clicking on the Statement Number, the Statement information can be edited for:
-Date Created
-Invoices (two tables show the lists of uncollected invoices available to be inserted in the statement for that client and of invoices already selected)

Both the upper table named “Invoices Selected” and the lower table named “Uncollected Invoices” display the following information about each invoice selected:

-Job number
-Invoice number
-Date created
-Invoice amount
-Invoice description

The “Invoices Selected” table offers the option to eliminate invoices from the selection. Items in the “Uncollected Invoices” table are pulled from the jobs’ information and they cannot be deleted.

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