Thursday, June 7, 2012

Billing: Billing Schedules List Page

The "Billing Schedules" in the "Invoices" section of the "Job’s Details" page list allows the administrator to create, edit or delete billing schedules. 

To insert an invoice into a job, a billing schedule must be created. Invoices will automatically be generated reflecting the amounts due according to the billing schedule. As many invoices as the percentage break up indicates will be created.

If the schedule was created with undefined fee percentages to be billed, then the invoice amount must be entered manually.

For example, if the total cost of a project is $8,000 and a billing schedule of 20%, 60% and 20% is created; three invoices will be generated for $1,600, $4,800 and $1,600 automatically. The phases being billed will be specified in the invoice.

Billing schedules are closely related with the payment schedules originally proposed to the client in the project’s fee proposal. The administrator should consult the proposal before choosing the billing schedule for the invoices.

In the Billing Schedules List page, each schedule may be edited for:

-Fee Percentages (break-up of fee percentages to be billed at each stage)

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