Thursday, June 14, 2012

Clients/Clients List

The "Clients List" page is where administrators can create or delete client contacts, and gather detailed information about each client. This page is designed for record-keeping and easy information retrieval. Information entered into this area interacts with other pages in PASconcept, where entities such as proposals and new jobs are created.

Specific pages in which the administrator must choose a client from the list:

-New Job 
-Job’s Details 
-Edit Proposal 
-New Statement 

Additionally, the "Clients List" serves as a filter to obtain specific lists of contents in several essential pages such as:

-Home/Jobs List
-Proposals List
-Invoices List 
-Statement List
-Request for Proposals List
-Project Time Entries
-Employees Efficiency graphic

This page makes immediately available the following information about each Client:

-Client Code
-Client Type
-Address, Telephone and Cell Phones
-Email & Web
-Login Details

Available exclusively in the "Clients List" page, through a hyperlink within the "Login Details" column, is the tool for the administrator to send PASconcept account credentials to the clients via email. This action provides the clients with login information to access their PASconcept accounts, where they can view fee proposals, invoices, and other relevant information that relates to their projects and account in general.

The "Clients List" is also furnished with an all-purpose search field and the option to view or edit all of the client’s details.

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