Monday, June 25, 2012

Clients/New Clients

This page serves to enter new clients into the "Clients List," and it gathers, the following information about each client:

-Full Name
-Client Code

-Full Address
-Address Line 1
-Address Line 2
-Zip Code

-Cell Phone
-Web Page
-Date Created
-Billing Contact
-Billing Telephone

The "Client Code" serves as a label and search criterion throughout PASconcept, frequently used as an identifier in lieu of the client’s full name. The code accepts alphanumeric characters.

The email address is used to enroll the client as a PASconcept user; it is the main contact means through which administrators will forward PASconcept account credentials and send fee proposals and invoices as Adobe PDF attachments to the client.

Lastly, the information recorded in the "Billing Contact" name and telephone fields, albeit non-mandatory, is useful, as it appears as part of each invoice’s details in the "Job’s Details" and the "Invoices List" pages. This improves the communication between the administrator and the client during collection process.

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