Thursday, July 12, 2012

Employees/Employees Efficiency Chart

This chart relates the average percentage of budget spent in working hours by employees, with the client(s) whose projects the employees worked on. Administrators can visually assess the employees’ efficiency in terms of time, or for which clients the projects are generally taking longer than budgeted.

The chart refers by default to all clients, but it can be refined to show results for a specific year and client. The employee portion of the chart will automatically display only those who have entered time for that client’s project(s) in their timesheets. The page will warn of an invalid selection if PASconcept cannot find hours worked or projects for the Year/Client selected.

This page is closely linked with the information available in the Jobs List page regarding budget consumption for every project, in which budget is spent by the hours worked by employees.

Average Chart:

Profit Chart:

Data Sheet:


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