Friday, July 13, 2012

Subconsultants/New Request for Proposals

Requests for proposals, or RFPs, provide help administrators assemble a multidisciplinary team when needed. Architecture/engineering projects often require collaboration among several firms where each one contributes part of the qualifications necessary to fulfill the job. RFPs allow administrators to obtain a fee proposal for outsourced services.

The procedure to create a new RFP is similar to that of creating a fee proposal. However, the RFP is divided into two separate sections: one visible only to the administrators (internal use) and the one visible to both administrators and subconsultants (external use)

Internal use contains the following:

-RFP Number (automatically generated by PASconcept)
-RFP Status (automatically generated by PASconcept depending on whether the RFP has been sent to the subconsultants or not)
-Client Name
-Job Number
-Job Type
-A/E Discipline (a list of disciplines from which the administrator can choose according to the project’s scope of work)
-RFP Recipients Selection (depending on the A/E discipline, a list of appropriate subconsultants will be available)


External use contains the following:

-RFP Number (not changeable)
-Sender (name of the administrator or firm sending the RFP)
-RFP Date
-Introductory text
-Job Name
-Job Location
-Site Area
-Job Description
-Payment Schedules

-RFP Terms (all applicable conditions set by the administrator)

The request for proposals remains changeable until the administrator sends it to the subconsultants, after which it cannot be edited again. This allows preserving the information originally sent to the Subconsultants.

Once the administrator has emitted the RFP to the subconsultants, the RFP becomes immediately available in the subconsultants’ PASconcept accounts assigned to them by the administrator. Subconsultants can respond to the RFP directly through their accounts.

As soon as a subconsultant submits a response, a notification email is sent to the administrator automatically, and the contents of the response are available for review in the “Responses to RFP List” page in the administrator’s PASconcept account.

From there, the administrator can accept or decline the RFP response.

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