Saturday, July 7, 2012

Employees/Time Entries List

This page shows detailed time sheet entries created by all employee users. Employees create time sheets through their PASconcept accounts and administrators can view all entries in the “Project Time Entries” page.

Using these detailed time sheets, administrators can see how much time employees have spent on each task of a project’s scope of work. It also provides a detailed project and employee-specific work history log. Results can be filtered by employee name, client name, and job number and name.

The following information about each time entry can be entered:

-Employee Name
-Job Number
-Date of Work
-Date of Entry
-Time (hours)

Employees can break up their work time in as many entries as desired over a one-day time span. Each entry is project-specific, so it addresses one project at a time.

The employees have the option to create several time entries for the same project in one day, describing few or individual tasks. They can also sum up multiple tasks performed on that day in a single entry.

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