Friday, July 6, 2012

Employees/New Employee

This page serves to enter new employees into the Employees List. The available fields are:

-First Name(mandatory)
-Last Name
-Employee Code (mandatory)
-Email (mandatory)

-Full Address
-Address Line 1
-Address Line 2
-Zip Code
-Home Telephone
-Cell Phone
-Starting Date
-Billing Rate
-Administrator Role

About the mandatory fields:

-The Employee Code serves as a label and search criterion throughout PASconcept, frequently used as an identifier in lieu of the employee’s full name. The code is made of alphanumeric characters.

-The email address is used to enroll the employee as a PASconcept user. PASconcept will send employees important notifications about projects and personal performance directly to them through email.

The Administrator Role field allows the administrator to designate an employee as a PASconcept user with administrator privileges.

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