Sunday, July 15, 2012

Subconsultants/Requests For Proposals List

Each Request for Proposal (RFP) can generate several responses, depending on the number of subconsultants that replied to it.

The “RFP Responses List” page gathers, in separate entries, all of the responses to an RFP received. Each entry promptly displays the fee proposed in each subconsultant’s response, for visual comparisons. This allows easy management of responses to RFPs. Administrators can accept or decline each RFP independently while still comparing them in a single page.

The table in this page offers the following information and tools:

-RFP Number
-Subconsultant Name (respondent)
-Subconsultant Organization
-Date (of response)
-Fee (proposed by the Subconsultant)
-View/Print Response
-Status (indicates whether the response has been accepted or declined by the administrator or whether it is still pending)

The default status of a newly received response is a link labeled “Pending.” Once clicked, the administrator can then accept or decline the RFP response. When the response has been accepted or declined, the change of status will appear in the “RFP Responses List” page, thus setting apart the responses which have been reviewed.

Responses that have been sent to the administrator cannot be edited by the subconsultants. The status of a response is visible to both the administrator and the subconsultant in their respective PASconcept accounts. Additionally, the subconsultant will receive a notification email when the administrator accepts or declines his response.

Options to filter the results viewed in the RFP Responses List page include:

-RFP Number
-Job Name
-Subconsultant Name
-Job Number
-Status & Send


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