Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jobs/Project Classification

Administrators can define an additional set of attributes of a job. Some of these data are not available for editing in "Edit Job" but they are available on this page.
Changeable fields are: unit, measure, latitude, longitude, department, sector entity, sub-use, construction type and sub-type.

Job Classification appear with the following filters:
-Outstanding Data
-Job Type

Jobs: number and name of work
Location: steering link to Google Maps
Open Date: date the work was started
Budget: amount of money allocated
Unit: referring to the unit in which size of the structure was measured
Measure: size
Latitude and longitude: used to show each job in Analytics/Project Map menu
Department: department type
Sector: sector classification (public, private, etc.)
Entity: type of business (government, corporation, FBI, LLC, etc.)
Use & Sub-use: what the project structure is used for (commercial, utility miscellaneous, residential, etc.) and type of Sub-Use (depending on use, defined with one letter and one number)
Construction Type: classifies the project (buildings, residential, etc.)
Construction Sub-type: depends on the type of construction, (buildings-hotels; residential-single family home, etc.)

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