Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jobs/Transmittal Letter

Transmittal letters are documents that are sent attached to a job, which is created for the purpose of keeping a record when the project is finished and also informing the customer that everything is signed and sealed. The records may be drawings, calculations, shop-drawings, reports, inspections, CDs, or other formats.

Jobs/Transmittals List

The transmittal list shows the record of all transmittals that have been made up to today’s date, and a panel filter with a searching selection for date, status, employee, and client. These filters make it easier and faster to find existing transmittal and see if the projects have already been collected.

The table provides the following information and actions:
-Transmittal ID
-Job Name
-Client Code
-Date Opened
-Ready Date
-Pick Up Date
-Transmittal Status
-Pending Amount
-A/E record
-Ready for Pick Up

Click "Transmittal ID" to edit the transmittal letter.

Clicking "Add New Transmittal" will open a window that gives you the choice of selecting a job to create a transmittal for.

After selecting the job, click on the insert button. The new transmittal is displayed at the end of the list.

Editing a Transmittal

All transmittal letters have a transmittal ID number and a job number (ie: Transmittal ID: 15-097-T001).

The transmittal letter consists of job information (client name, job name and number, A/E of Record, status and date created) and an editing table containing further information (amount of copies, package content, description and whether or not it has been signed and sealed).

The status of the jobs may be either "Ready for Pickup," "Not Ready" or "Picked Up" if it has already been collected.

Copy amount: the number of copies to be delivered to the customer.
Package Content: package type, such as shop drawings, calculations, etc.

Example package content:

Description: tells what kind of work was done (report, an inspection, a model  of a house, etc.)
Update: allows you to update information based on the transmittal and its progress

Ready To Pick Up Notification: a notification is sent to the client to inform them of their completed project

Print Page: a copy of the transmittal can be printed

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