Monday, March 26, 2012

Fee Proposal: Scope of Work Tasks

The scope of work is an essential section of the fee proposal for both the administrator and the client. For the administrator, it is one of the lengthiest and most time-consuming sections as well.

The scope of work in PASconcept’s fee proposals is explained “Proposal Tasks”, which are stored and saved in a separate list of task templates that can be inserted in each proposal as needed.

Every template on the list can be edited in the following sections:

-ID (a non-duplicate identifier)
-Quantity of hours and hourly rate
-Flat fee
-Estimated Hours

Proposal tasks can be edited either within a specific proposal, or within the task templates list.

When created and edited in the task templates list, the task will retain and consequently display all modifications when inserted in a proposal. Considering that scopes of work are usually very similar for same-type projects, this tool offers a sound alternative to minimize time spent on editing every individual proposal. Time and fee criteria may also be pre-established in the template, for example: setting up 2 hours at $100.00 each as the predetermined arrangement for a “building inspection” task template.

On the other hand, when the task template already inserted in a proposal is edited for scope of work, hours, or fees within the proposal, these changes will display only in that specific proposal and it will not affect the template itself. Thus, each proposal can be edited as needed, with the advantage that repetitive contents need not be created time and again for every new proposal.

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