Monday, April 2, 2012

Proposals/Proposal Templates List

Creating the scope of work in a proposal may be a lengthy process, and the proposal itself is composed of several other sections which also need to be filled out. PASconcept, therefore, has the proposal template as part of the advantages offered to the administrator user. Proposal templates are listed under a separate menu, in a page where they can be generated and edited in accordance with types of project established by the administrator.

The proposal template may be edited for:

- Edit
- Template Name
- Related Task ID
- Payment Schedules(%)
- Terms and Conditions

A proposal template contains texts for courtesy or explanation purposes, a pre-established list of tasks to describe the standard scope of work, payment schedules to advise the client what are the proposed billing phases, and the terms regulating the contract that will result from the client’s acceptance of the proposal.

The templates offer a quick solution for the administrator to generate and send the client new fee proposals that adjust to the project type and require minimal editing work.

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