Monday, July 2, 2012

Employees/Employees List

The Employees List page is where administrators edit and manage employee information.

Information about each employee includes:

-Employee Code
-Home Telephone
-Cell Phone
-Inactivation field
-Login Details (to send PASconcept user credentials to the Employee)
-Admin (to grant PASconcept administrator user privileges)

Login Details: As with the Clients List, the Employees List page offers administrators, through a hyperlink within the Login Details column, the option to send PASconcept account credentials to the employees via email. From their personal account, employees can fill in their time sheets, view productivity reports and request vacation time. They can also view information about the jobs assigned to them.

The Employees List page is also furnished with an all-purpose search field and the option to view or edit all of the employees’ details.

The Employees List is available in the Job’s Details page for an administrator to choose and assign an employee to the job. It also serves as a filter to obtain specific lists of contents in several of PASconcept essential pages, such as:

-Home/Jobs List page
-Proposals List page
-Project Time Entries
-Employees Efficiency Graphic

-Timesheet Report

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